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Company CRODUX ENERGY, Ltd. with registered seat at Dunajska cesta 152, SI-1000 Ljubljana was established 28 August 2015. Founder of the company and its sole proprietor is Croatian energy company CRODUX PLIN, Ltd. with registered seat at Zagreb, Croatia.

Company CRODUX ENERGY, Ltd. is currently preparing infrastructure to be able to enter into wholesale and retail electricity and natural gas market in Slovenia. Wholesale activities, shall be focused mainly for covering energy demand of the end-consumers in Slovenia as well as for covering energy demand of end-consumers, which are supplied by CRODUX PLIN, Ltd. company in Croatia.

Aside to activities in electricity and natural gas market, company is planning and preparing infrastructure to enter also into Slovenian wholesale and retail market with other energy products (i.e.: propellants and fuels for heating)

Company CRODUX ENERGY, Ltd. shall focus to offer highly innovative products and at the same time, company shall strive to take maximal care for all of its customers. With fair and competitive pricing model and tailor made solutions, company shall actively support efficient energy consumption among all consumers, thus actively contribute to lower the costs for the energy.

Business card

Full name of the company: CRODUX ENERGY, electricity and natural gas trading, Ltd.
Abbreviated name: CRODUX ENERGY, Ltd.
Address: Dunajska cesta 152, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Company’s registration number: 6902600000
VAT number: SI70689806
Court register entry number: 2015/35321, registered at District Court of Ljubljana
Equity: 50,000.00 €, fully paid in

T:  +386 8 205 7210
F: +386 1 330 99 77

Company management (individual representation):
Mr. Hrvoje ČERMAK, director
Mrs. Nataša VUJEC, director
Mrs. Gordana KRONJA, director

UniCredit Banka Slovenija, d.d.
Šmartinska 140, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
IBAN: SI56 2900 0005 1646 634


Company CRODUX ENERGY Ltd. would like to become a valuable partner on the energy market in Slovenia, which shall be at the same time recognized as reliable company and the best partner for providing whole range of energy supply. We shall pursuing the objectives by innovative, customers’ tailor made solutions and nurturing long-term partnerships.

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